Retrieve sent emails in Microsoft Outlook

Emails are an integral part of everyday PC use. Many of us send numerous emails a day. The large number of emails can also lead to errors or oversights , so that the sender would like to retrieve or delete the email just sent .

This retrieval of emails is also relatively easy in Outlook and we would like to show you how you can do this.

Retrieve emails in Outlook

To do this, simply open the email again in the ” Sent Items ” folder and click on the tab


on the icon

Further move actions

We have illustrated the process in the e-mail here below.

Call Outlook message back

After you have clicked on the icon , you have to call the following option.

Call this message back …

So that you are able to recall the email . This message recall can delete or replace the copies of this message in the recipient’s inbox, but only as long as the message has not yet been read. Then the following window appears with the title ” Some recipients may have already read this message. “.

Delete or replace unread Outlook message

Here you can now choose between the following options :

  • Delete unread copies of this message.
  • Replace unread copies with a new message.

As an additional option, you can then tick the box whether the result of the message recall should be communicated to the recipients.

Whether the recall of the email is successful, however, cannot be answered in advance because the recipient (s) may have already read the email. The faster you try to retrieve the faulty emails, the greater the success rate .

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