Remove the “Windows Security” icon from the Windows system tray

From version 1809 of Windows 10 , the well-known Windows Security Tool ” Windows Defender Security Center ” is now called ” Windows Security “. Microsoft has now completed the renaming of the Windows internal security software and also donated a new group policy to “Windows Security”.

With this group policy it is possible to hide or remove the icon of the Windows security tool from the Windows system. By default, the Windows system looks like this, for example.

Windows security icon in Windows 10 taskbar

In order to remove this security symbol from the Windows 10 task bar you have to open the following group policy folder in the Windows group policy editor “gpedit.msc”

Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / Windows Components / Windows Security / Systray

We have shown you this in an original picture.

Hide Windows security system

To hide the Windows security icon , activate the following GPO.

Hide Windows security system

Microsoft also provides the user with the following GPO information on this group policy.

This policy setting will control the notification area of the Windows Security hidden.
For this setting to take effect, the user must either log out and log in again or restart the computer.

The Windows Security notification area control is hidden.

The Windows Security Notification Control appears.

Not configured:
Identical to “deactivated”.

It is important to know that these changes do not take effect immediately . Even closing the Windows Explorer via the Task Manager does not make the Windows security symbol disappear from the systray; the action is only carried out when the PC is restarted.

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