Activate mouse track in Windows 10

A very interesting function is the so-called mouse track , in which the movement of the mouse pointer is represented by several mouse symbols. We have shown you such a mouse trace here as an example.

Mouse trail

This mouse track, depending on the set length, is displayed by arranging the individual mouse movements . The user can configure how long this mouse track should be. We would like to show you today that you can activate or deactivate the mouse track under Windows 10 .

Activate mouse track in the Windows settings

The easiest way is to call up the Windows settings using the Windows key combination

and then select the item

Devices (Bluetooth, mouse and printer)

and then the selection point ” mouse ” on the left side. Now numerous mouse options are visible, but the settings for the mouse track can only be found under

More mouse options

Show mouse track

Here you have to switch to the ” Pointer Options ” tab and in the “Visibility” area you will now find the option in question:

Show mouse track

Checking the option activates the mouse track, using the slide switch below you can still select how long the tail of the mouse track should be. There are a total of 7 setting options here . Incidentally, these changes take effect immediately.

Activate mouse track via registry setting

The same function via the Windows registry. To do this, you have to call up the following registry path in the registry editor.

Computer HKEY_CURRENT_USER Control Panel Mouse

There is already the following registry entry here, which increases the mouse track.



As long as the value of the registry entry MouseTrails ” is at ” 0 “, the mouse track is deactivated . If you increase the value to ” 1 – 7 “, the mouse track is activated . The higher the number, the longer the mouse track becomes . However, the maximum value is ” 7 “.

The registry changes are not immediately active, you have to either log in again or restart your PC once.

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