0x800704B3 error code during Windows update

The error code 0x800704B3 has been occurring again and again since Windows 7, even Windows 10 is not spared. The error 0x800704B3 can occur both when Windows updates, i.e. when returning to an older Windows restore point or when accessing the Windows system files.

Below you can see the original error message 0x800704B3 when upgrading Windows 10 to version 1809.


As already written, the cause of the error 0x800704B3 can be very diverse. Below we have listed some possible solutions.

Virus scanner responsible for 0x800704B3

The installed third-party virus scanner is often the cause of the error code 0x800704B3. In this case , the virus scanner apparently blocks access to important Windows system files. This means that Windows cannot exchange the files during the update or upgrade process and acknowledges this with the error message “0x800704B3” .

In this case, you should briefly deactivate the virus scanner, repeat the Windows update process or other process and test whether the virus scanner really is the cause of the problems.

Defective user profile

Another cause of the error can be a defective user profile . Either you delete the profile of the current user and then create it again, or you test it by simply creating a new user and carrying out the process via the newly created user account.

If the error code  0x800704B3 does not appear, everything indicates a defective user profile and you cannot avoid creating the profile.

Check the status of the Windows system files

If everything has not helped so far and the error code 0x800704B3 continues to occur, you should check your Windows system files and have any errors repaired automatically.

Windows already comes standard with tools with which you can test the Windows system integrity and have errors automatically eliminated. You can find out how this works in our article “Checking and repairing Windows system files “.

Perform Windows Troubleshooting Tool

Another option is to download and start the free Microsoft tool. This tool is called ” Treating Computer Problems and Preventing Computer Problems ” and you can use the tool


download directly from the Windows Update Troubleshooter website. It is offered there for the operating systems Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10.

Treat computer problems and prevent computer problems

This tool solves various problems in the areas of ” Windows Update” , ” Intelligent Background Transfer Service (BITS) ” and ” Windows Network Diagnostics “. The tool is self-explanatory and also fixes issues related to error code 0x800704B3 . After the implementation, however, you should restart your PC once and then test whether the problem with error 0x800704B3 still persists.

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