Remove task view (timeline) from Windows 10 taskbar

The new task view (incl. Timeline) , which has been redesigned for Windows 10 version 1803, has now been given a new icon. Up to and including the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, the Windows 10 task view looked like this.

Task Creator Update Task View

With the new Windows 10 version 1803 Spring Creators Update, the icon for the task view now looks like this.

Task view Spring Creators Update

Microsoft has also added a little movement to the icon, it now changes its appearance when you move the mouse over the taskbar icon.

Animated task view

All of this points to the revised version of the task view . After calling up the task view icon, you will not see the familiar display as you have been used to. There is also a timeline display that shows you what websites or Word documents you have viewed or opened in the past few hours or the last few days.

Here is an example from this task display (timeline display) .

Task view Windows 10 1803

You can also remove the symbol for the timeline or the task display from the Windows 10 task bar by simply right-clicking in a free area of ​​the Windows 10 task bar and then deactivating the following point.

Show task view button

Show task view button

In the same way you can of course display the task view button again in the Windows 10 taskbar at any time .

Remove task view (timeline) icon via registry

Another option is to remove the icon using a registry key.

To do this, open the following registry path in the Windows program “regedit.exe”:

Computer HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Explorer Advanced

There is already an entry with the following name



If the task view symbol is to be displayed, a ” 1 ” must be entered there. If the task view icon is to be hidden, a value of ” 0 ” must be entered accordingly . However, the changes will not become active until the next Windows login.

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