Remove or uninstall Office 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 completely and without residue

How can the user actually remove the installed Office version completely and at once without having to do a lot of manual work. These are questions that users ask us again and again, especially when they have received new hardware and Office 2016 in 10-15 different language versions are partially installed there.

Normally, all of these must be uninstalled individually using the “appwiz.cpl” function (Programs & Features). With 10-15 Office 2016 packages, this is a complex and time-consuming task. But there can also be other reasons that we want to remove all office installations completely and without leaving any residue . For example, if there are problems with Outlook or the Office components such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Then usually no individual installation helps, then any remaining office residues may have to be manually removed from the Windows registry.

However, there can also be mixed office installations of different versions, as in the example below. Office 2007 and Office 2016 Home & Business are installed here at the same time, which usually does not work smoothly.

Office 2007 and Office 2016 installed at the same time

Uninstall Office completely

Here, a tool from Microsoft is used, which does just that and completely uninstalls all Office versions in one wash. The program is called


The appropriate download link for the ” O15-CTRREMOVE Office deinstallation program can be found at the end of this article. After the start program you will be informed that this program will remove all Office installations.

Uninstall Microsoft Office

The program then examines the installed Office versions and asks for security again whether all Office versions should be uninstalled .

Are you sure you want to uninstall Office from your computer

Then the actual office deinstallation takes place . Depending on the installed versions and quantities, this process can take some time.

Office uninstallation successful

After that, a Windows restart is absolutely necessary, because only then will the entire office uninstallation process really be completed. Then you can check again in the program ” appwiz.cpl ” whether all Office versions or Office installations have been removed.

Uninstall Office installations completely

Now you can be sure that there are no Office residues left on your Windows system and that you may have to reinstall Office .

Note: Due to various queries, we would of course like to add that Office 365 can also be completely uninstalled with this tool .

Here is the download
link for the Microsoft Office deinstallation tool : – Tool O15CTRRemove for Office deinstallation

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