Protect Outlook data file .PST with password

Microsoft Outlook users usually save their data in so-called .PST files . All of the information that is stored in Outlook is contained in these PST files.

Thus, all emails, contacts, appointments, tasks , etc. are contained in the PST file . To ensure that no unauthorized person has access to the content of the Outlook PST file , Microsoft has created the option to assign a password to this PST file . This means that only the user who knows the password of the PST file has access to the Outlook data.

How to protect your Windows Outlook PST file with a password is explained here in this short Outlook tutorial.

Protect PST file with password

To set up password protection , you first call the function in Outlook


and subsequently

Account settings

on. In the window of ” Account Settings ” that appears, please change to the tab

Data files

by finding your existing PST file. We have shown you the entire process here in the picture below.

Outlook PST file password

After calling


you will be shown all existing information about your Outlook data file. Via the button

Change Password…

you come into the displayed dialog. There you must first enter your old password. If your previous Outlook mailbox file is not yet protected with a password , please leave this field ” empty “. Then you have to enter the desired password to be stored twice correctly. After clicking


the password for the PST file is saved. The password protection of the PST file is thus already active. If a user tries to access this PST file , the following password window appears.

Password for Outlook data file

Outlook only gives you access to Outlook data after you have successfully entered the correct password .

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