Adjust support and computer information via registry change

Windows stores various information about your PC . This computer information results from the Windows system information, the processor, the built-in RAM, the computer name, the domain etc.

The fastest way to query this computer information is by pressing the key combination

Windows logo & pause at the same time. Below we have shown you an example of the basic computer information .

Now it is very often in corporate networks required that this information by company data and support information are added. Microsoft has created a way for companies to add the following additional information.

  • Logo (file must be a .BMP file)
  • Manufacturer
  • model
  • Support times
  • Support phone number
  • website

You can make the necessary adjustments in the registry under the following path.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion OEMInformation

OEM Information Registry

Here you can see that the following fields can be used for this.

  • logo
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • SupportHours
  • SupportPhone
  • SupportURL

All fields must be created as ” character string ” or ” REG_SZ “. With the logo, it is important that the logo file is available as a .BMP file . With the path you have to pay attention to the exact spelling with respect to upper and lower case.

Incidentally, all changes are immediately active, a restart is not necessary. If you now call up the computer basic information again, it looks like this.

Computer information added via registry

All changes have now been added and displayed. Some of this information is also visible in the Windows 10 Settings app.

Support information Windows 10

You can find this support information at

System (display, notifications, sound, power supply …)

and then in the area


Unfortunately, Microsoft has removed the logo display in the current Windows 10 versions.

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