Presented the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S22

There was a lot of hype to see Samsung’s new Galaxy S22 . Well, the latest novelty of the best-selling mobile phone by Samsung in its history is already among us. The new models of the Galaxy family have been presented to the general public. The Galaxy S22 is accompanied by the S22+ and the Ultra model , the latter conceived for design and creativity professionals.

Although the protagonist of the entire Galaxy S22 series is the photo and video camera, we will start talking about this Samsung reference terminal from the point of view of its design.

Refined and resistant design

The Korean brand has pulled the iconic Contour-Cut design from the S series to develop the Galaxy S22 and S22+. From this construction, the rear cameras are integrated online and on the front, a completely flat screen finished with matte glass is once again opted for.

Samsung has wanted to be very balanced with the aesthetics of its new smartphones since the camera matches the color of the device’s body. Here is one of the most noticeable changes compared to predecessor models. We are facing a refined mobile topped with a thin metal frame, which gives it an extra point of finesse in sight. The colors chosen for the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+  are Phantom Black, Phantom White, Green and Pink Gold.


The construction materials of the mobile are up to expectations, in the sense of their quality and their commitment to durability. The Galaxy S22 features Samsung’s most durable mobile devices to date. All new S-series models made with Armor Aluminum , the firm’s strongest aluminum frame. On the screen, the Galaxy S22 series debuts the Corning® Gorilla® Victus®+ glass so that we don’t worry so much about one of those phone falls that we fear so much.

The Galaxy S22 or quality photos at any time of the day

And now yes, the cameras. The Galaxy S22 and S22+ introduce dynamic cameras with advanced intelligent image processing to make every moment fully enjoyable. Built with bold and sustainable design, Galaxy S22 and S22+ are designed to be both beautiful and environmentally responsible.

“The cameras on our smartphones have transformed the way we create, share and communicate. Through photos and videos, we express ourselves and connect with the people we care about,” said TM Roh, President and Head of MX (Mobile eXperience), Samsung Electronics. “That’s why, for the design of our latest S-series devices, we’ve focused on innovative camera capabilities that work day and night, powered by our best mobile performance to date.”

Top photos both day and night are achieved thanks to the Nightography features  of the Galaxy S22 series, the sensor, which is 23% larger than S21 and S21+, and Adaptive Pixel technology. What this whole system achieves is letting in more light to get more detailed, more colorful snapshots with the most outstanding motifs.


The new mobiles mount a camera system that includes a 50 MP main camera, a 10 MP telephoto lens and a 12 MP ultra wide-angle lens. Behind them, there is the software, in which the camera focus system stands out in video recording or VDIS technology, which minimizes vibrations, to achieve smooth and clear recordings even when the user is in motion.

Galaxy S22 and S22+ are also equipped with the latest AI technology from Samsung, which we will notice in the selfies and the new stereoscopic depth map. In portrait mode we will see the small details much sharper and clearer. When we take a photo of our pet, her hair will not blend with the background, but will be in full detail, as announced by Samsung.

An unprecedented chip for the Galaxy S22

Processor-wise, the Galaxy S22 debuts the first 4nn chip in a smartphone. According to the firm, this processor is the most advanced to date in terms of AI and ML, and offers unparalleled performance for all the streaming and productivity needs of our users. Plus, network behavior analysis speeds up app performance by automatically detecting which app you’re using and directing the most power to it, so streaming, web browsing, and apps are smoother than ever. .

Following in the footsteps of the latest batteries on the market, the new devices mount a 25W fast-charging battery. In the case of the Galaxy S22+, it has a super powerful battery that can last even more than a day on a single charge. Galaxy S22+ also offers 45W super fast charging, so you don’t have to wait when you run out of juice.

Screens depending on the model

Apart from the battery, the other component that distinguishes the Galaxy S22 from the S22+ is the screen. Although both mobiles have a Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen, very suitable for good streaming and gaming performance, the S22 comes with a screen size of 6.1 inches, while that of its older brother is 6.6 inches. The difference is in the size because both terminals have intelligent Vision Booster technology that automatically adjusts the screen to the surrounding lighting and improves color contrast, so that the user can enjoy the best possible view of their content. Regarding the brightness of the screen: the S22 has a maximum brightness of 1,300nits while the S22+ has a peak of 1,750nits.


Total connection and collaboration with Google

Based on usage, Galaxy S22 and S22+ are designed in close collaboration with Google services. In this way, users can enjoy the Google Duo live Sharing function to view photos in Gallery with friends or write meeting notes with coworkers on Samsung Notes, even when they are in different places.

Furthermore, the entire Galaxy S22 series will be compatible with up to four generations of Android updates. Samsung does not want to leave anyone behind and with this measure millions of Galaxy users can benefit from the latest security, productivity and other exciting features, for longer. A way to extend the useful life of technological devices.

When can you buy?

Starting March 11, 2022, the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ will be available at and other regular retailers. Both devices will be available in Phantom Black, Phantom White, Green, and Pink Gold colors; and in 128 and 256 GB models with 8 GB of RAM.