Outlook does not accidentally send emails after pressing CTRL + ENTER

Maybe you know the problem. I am currently writing an email in Microsoft Outlook and accidentally hit the key combination

CTRL & input . This Outlook key combination ensures that the current email is simply sent without prompting. Of course, this key combination can sometimes be very useful, but it usually does the opposite and sends unfinished email to the recipients .

Unfortunately Microsoft has activated this Outlook by default, so that every click on CTRL + ENTER sends the email immediately . In this short Outlook tutorial we will show you how to deactivate this Outlook key combination. To do this, you first call the point in Outlook


and subsequently

Options on. In these Outlook options you then switch to the sub-item


which includes numerous email options. The following main points are included here.

  • Compose messages
  • Outlook areas
  • Message inbox
  • Clean up conversations
  • Reply and forwarding
  • Save messages
  • send messages
  • Email info
  • course
  • Message format
  • Other

You can find our Immediate Send option in the ” Send messages ” area, which is a little further down. This then looks like this.

CTRL + ENTER sends a message

As you can see here, this is the following option

CTRL + ENTER sends a message

As already said, this option is activated by default. If you deactivate it, i.e. remove the checkmark at ” CTRL + ENTER sends a message “, this key combination ” CTRL + ENTER ” is no longer active and you avoid that unfinished or semi-finished emails automatically by pressing the key combination and be shipped without asking .

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