OfficeScan XG version 1708 released (

OfficeScan XG Patch 1708

TrendMicro released another update for its “OfficeScan XG” virus scanner a few days ago . It is version 1708 , the entire version number is now . According to TrendMicro, this is a critical patch and the following changes have been incorporated into this additional OfficeScan XG patch.

Solved problems in the OfficeScan XG 1708

  • (JIRA 9298) Issue
    : A sharing violation prevents Autopcc from working on computers that already have the OfficeScan agent installed.
    Solution: This critical patch 1708 creates a new backup folder to prevent the sharing violation and to ensure that Autopcc normally works on OfficeScan agent computers.
  • (JIRA 12165) Issue
    : Users encounter a sharing issue related to the ntrtscan and iexplorer processes after activating the OfficeScan Predictive Machine Learning feature in a computer that has a multi-core CPU.
    Solution: This critical patch fixes the problem when opening files
  • (JIRA 12255)
    Problem: On the Windows Server 2003 platform, the OfficeScan agents display the following message even if the program components are up to date.
    “Update Now: You haven’t received a new update in 1 day.”
    Solution: This critical patch updates the OfficeScan agent program to correct the problem.
  • (JIRA 11606)
    Edition: OfficeScan agents receive C&C alerts for IPs in the approved list.
    Solution: This critical patch fixes a file path issue to ensure that IPs in the approved list do not trigger C&C recall alarms.
  • (JIRA 11651) / (JIRA 3758)
    Problem: The OfficeScan server cannot register with EdgeServer when TLS 1.0 is disabled.
    Solution: This critical patch enables the EdgeServer to support TLS 1.1 and 1.2.

Improvements in the OfficeScan XG 1708 patch

  • (JIRA 9066)
    This critical patch enhances behavior monitoring and predictive machine learning capabilities to better detect ransomware infections from files and improve protection against ransomware threats during outbreak situations.
  • (JIRA 11754)
    This critical patch speeds up approved and blocked list comparison for supported web services, including Dropbox, Google Drive, Gmail, and others.
  • (JIRA 11495)
    This critical patch adds the ” Japan: Driving License Number ” validator.

You can find the complete download under the following link:

– Download OfficeScan XG Patch 1708 ( osce_xg_win_en_criticalpatch_1708.exe