OfficeScan XG Critical Patch 1315 released

After TrendMicro already released an OfficeScan XG hotfix (build 1308) a few days ago, as we have already reported, Trend Micro has now added again and recently updated the ” Critical Patch 1315 ” for OfficeScan XG . Since this is a critical OfficeScan patch , it is essential to check whether this patch should be installed promptly.

Unfortunately, the information about the OfficeScan XG Patch 1308 is not too extensive. We can tell you the following.

OfficeScan XG Citrical Patch 1308 addresses the following issues:

  • The OfficeScan ” TMListening Service ” of the OfficeScan agent (client) may unexpectedly quit if the OfficeScan agent finds mismatched certificates.
  • An integrated increase in performance led to the negative side effect that a memory leak could occur in ” NTRtScan.exe ” . This hotfix disables this performance improvement and bypasses the memory leak problem.

Based on the file name of the hotfix ” osce_xg_win_en_gm_b1315.exe “, we assume that this critical OfficeScan XG hotfix is ​​only to be used for the English OfficeScan XG version. Apparently TrendMicro has completely removed the previous version OfficeScan XG 1308 from the download area

Below we have listed the direct download links to the two OfficeScan XG versions .

– Download OfficeScan XG Critical Hotfix 1315
– Download OfficeScan XG complete package including Critical Hotfix 1315

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