OfficeScan 11 SP1 German version with patch to version 6245

TrendMicro has not only recently released a critical patch for OfficeScan XG , a patch was also released for the OfficeScan 11 SP1 German version . This patch has the OfficeScan build number 6245 , has a download size of approx. 180MB and, as already mentioned, is only available for the German OfficeScan 11.0 SP1 version.

The file name of the OfficeScan download file is:


The appropriate readme file for this OfficeScan patch 6245 states that it also raises the OfficeScan agent module to build number 6109 . All OfficeScan users running OfficeScan with patch 4664 or later should install this patch according to TrendMicro. The following improvements should be included in this patch.

  • This patch enables the OfficeScan agent program to support Microsoft Windows Server 2016 .

Further information is not available in the readme for this patch.

Attention: It is currently not entirely clear to us why TrendMicro is releasing this OfficeScan Patch 6245 at all, since they have already released a patch with a higher build number with the OfficeScan 11 SP1 Patch 6285 . What exactly happens when users have already installed the Patch 6285 and are now installing the 6245, we cannot say at the moment.

If necessary, it would be advisable to contact TrendMicro Customer Service (support) before installing or upgrading .

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