Delete printer driver in Windows 10 with PNPUTIL

Printer drivers can often be a big problem and unfortunately it is not so easy to delete a printer driver completely . Today we want to show you a fairly unknown trick on how to delete a printer driver using the MS-DOS command prompt .

This deleting printer drivers work under Windows 10 , but also just as Windows 7 and Windows 8 or 8.1.

Simply delete the printer driver

Just open an MS-DOS command prompt and issue the command


a. Then you will see all drivers that are installed on your Windows 10 system in a relatively long list.

As I said, you will see all the drivers, not just the printer drivers . Since the list is relatively long, you should have it exported to a text file so that you can take a closer look at it, for example with Notepad.

PNPUTIL -e> c: temp treiber.txt

This creates a text file in the folder C: Temp , in which all drivers are listed.

Here you can see, for example, the HP printer driver , which we would like to completely uninstall in our case . It is important that you make a note of the ” published name ” because you use this name to control the uninstallation of the printer driver.

About the command


the corresponding printer driver or Windows device driver is then uninstalled .

PNPUTIL , the Microsoft PnP utility, offers other options and parameters, which we would like to explain briefly below.

PNPUTIL parameters PNPUTIL Explanation of the parameters
/ add-driver <filename.inf | * .inf> [/ subdirs] [/ install] Adds driver packages to the driver memory .
/ subdirs – Searches subdirectories for driver packages.
/ install – Installs / updates drivers on matching devices.
/ delete-driver <oem # .inf> [/ force] Deletes a driver package from the driver memory.
/ force – Deletes a driver package even if it is used by devices.
/ export-driver <oem # .inf | *> <Target directory> Exports driver packages from the driver memory to a target directory.
/ enum-drivers Lists all third-party driver packages in the driver store.
/? Displays the PNPUTIL help

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