New notification settings in Windows 10 version 1909

One of the innovations in Windows 10 version 1909 is a completely revised message or notification settings . Here the Windows 10 user now has much more detailed setting options, as he is informed about notifications.

You can find all the necessary innovations of this version 1909 in the Windows settings, which you can quickly find using the known key combination

can call. Then you have to go into the area

System (display, notifications, sound, power supply, etc.)

switch. You can find the completely revised notifications in the sub-item

Notifications and actions

We have shown you the complete settings here below.

Notifications changes Windows 10 version 1909

For one thing, the entire area now looks much tidier and you have the following notification settings available.

    • Show notifications on the lock screen.
    • View reminders and incoming VoIP calls on the lock screen.
    • Allow sound playback for notifications.
    • View the Windows welcome page for updates and occasionally when you sign in to read news and suggestions.
    • Get tips, tricks and suggestions when using Windows.

These options are activated by default and can also be deactivated as required.

Further settings are then possible for each program or app. For example, if you want to edit Microsoft Outlook notification settings , one click in the ” Outlook ” line.

Then the window changes as follows.

Set notifications per app on Windows 10 1909

As you can see, Microsoft has now shown the desktop twice and you can now determine whether a notification banner is displayed at all and whether the notifications should also be displayed in the Info Center . Windows 10 version 1909 added these settings.

You can also edit the following notification settings per app .

  • Hide content for notifications on the lock screen.
  • Play sound when notification is received.
  • Number of notifications visible in the info center.
  • Priority of notifications in the info center (top, high, normal)

Overall, very useful notification settings that the user can now set individually.

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