Microsoft account problem – your Microsoft account needs to be fixed …

Many Windows 10 users are familiar with the Windows 10 error message ” Problem with Microsoft account – your Microsoft account needs to be repaired … “.

This annoying message about a problem with the Microsoft account appears very often after a Windows 10 restart and is one of the first notifications that are displayed in the Windows 10 Info Center.

The original message from the defective Microsoft account is as follows.

Microsoft account issue - Your Microsoft account needs to be fixed

Microsoft account problem
Your Microsoft account needs to be repaired (most likely the password has been changed). Select this message to fix the problem in Settings.

Unfortunately, the message that the Microsoft account password has been changed is usually incorrect . Why this message keeps coming up, the forums on the Internet are full of them and the problem is accompanied and has been around for many Windows 10 versions. We would like to show you a few ways below, how you can possibly solve the problem with the Microsoft account to be repaired.

Check Windows 10 account settings

The first step should be to click the Windows 10 Settings app in the area

System / sharing

to call. This then looks like this.

Some accounts require your attention

Here you can already see the hint that there are problems with the Microsoft account.

Some accounts require your attention.

Via ” Fix now ” you should carry out the following steps exactly and then the problems with the defective Microsoft account should be solved first.

Unfortunately, it has been shown several times that the same error message appears again after some time. In this case, you should still consider the following options.

Check virus scanner or firewall

The problem with the Microsoft account to be repaired can also result from the installed virus scanner or a third-party firewall . For this reason, you should use the Windows Defender Firewall as the standard tool and check whether the problems with the Microsoft account continue to occur.

Computer name has been renamed

Another reason for this error message can be the renaming of the computer name, because numerous users report that the message only appeared after the computer was renamed . In this case, you should also perform the troubleshooting listed above.

Switch off the message

However, if the message ” Your Microsoft account needs to be repaired ” continues to appear, we have not yet been able to suppress it permanently. If you are aware of other options for eliminating this annoying error message , we would appreciate a comment at the end of this article.

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