How can I rotate an image in Windows Explorer?

The Windows Explorer has more features than most Windows users think or know. A very useful and frequently used function is rotating images left or right.

Most users will be aware of the problem that photos have to be rotated left or right , since they are displayed on the page or upside down after they have been taken. Microsoft has integrated some 2 functions into Windows Explorer so that you can rotate images without additional tools . We show you how this works in this short Explorer tutorial.

Rotate images in Windows Explorer

If you want to rotate a file, in our example the picture ” Windows Desktop “, you simply have to click on the menu item in the Windows Explorer bar

Image tools

click as shown in the image below.

Windows Explorer image tools

The display of the possible functions then changes and 2 functions for rotating images are displayed.

As you can see in the figure below, there is the function

Turn left Turn

By simply clicking on one of the functions, the active image is immediately rotated by 90 ° and redisplayed in Windows Explorer.

Explorer picture rotated

If you want to rotate an image by 180 ° , of course you have to click twice on the desired function.

If you are reluctant to use the mouse for such functions, you can also do this using a key combination.

Explorer key combination HL + HR

You have to do this first

ALT + JP (press Alt, release and then press both letters)

and then press one of the following two buttons

Press HR to turn right
HL to turn left

This key combination is certainly somewhat cumbersome, but if you use this function more often, you will get used to it relatively quickly.

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