Let Windows determine usage time automatically

We have already reported about the Windows 10 usage time. In our last post we showed you how you can plan the  installation time and restart time of the Windows 10 updates by setting the usage time .

In our post today we would like to show you that Microsoft has improved this function again with Windows 10 version 1903 . Windows 10 is now able to determine and manage this usage time based on your activities. Windows 10 thus checks the use of the PC and does not start any Windows restarts after the installation of Windows updates or feature updates when you are actively working on the PC.

This automatic management of the usage time is deactivated by default . You can find out how you can activate this function in this short Windows tutorial.

First you call the Windows settings using the key combination

and then changes to the areas

Update and security (Windows update, recovery, backup)

Then you will see the following setting options.

Windows 10 update usage time

Here you can currently see that the usage time is currently between 08:00 and 17:00. If you click on this link, the sub-item will then appear

Change usage time

We have also shown this to you below.

Automatically adjust usage time for this device based on activity

Here you will find the option described and marked in the picture.

Automatically adjust usage time for this device based on activity.

As I said, this usage time option is disabled by default . You can simply ” activate ” this function and from then on Windows 10 manages the usage time for you based on your activities. Windows 10 will not restart automatically while you are working on the PC. You can of course deactivate this automatic system at any time and manually set the usage time.

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