KB4022716 Update for Windows 10 Version 1703 Creators Update Build 15063.447

Microsoft also released an update for Windows 10 Version 1703 Creators Update tonight . It is update KB4022716 and it is also a cumulative update. This means that all previous changes since the release of the Creators Update are included in this patch KB4022716 .

KB4022716 Update for Creators Update

After installing update  KB4022716 , your Windows 10 was then upgraded to version number 15063.447 .

The KB4022716 update contains numerous changes and bug fixes. We have given you the long list of changes here.

  • As with the Anniversary Update from today, the printing problems from IE and Microsoft Edge, which were caused by the update KB4022725, have been eliminated.
  • Problems with the installation of printer drivers from network printers to PCs with less than 4 GB RAM have been fixed.
  • The camera app sometimes led to high memory usage when using mobile platforms.
  • Apps that use a media capture element (MCE) or media element (ME) and use a resolution of 1080p used too much power, which had a negative impact on power consumption.
  • Devices that activated Receive Segment Coalescing (RSC) had a significantly low wireless throughput.
  • Error 0x7F could occur in connection with Windows Forms (WinForms).
  • Users were unable to connect to the Terminal Services Gateway (TSG) on Windows Server 2008 SP2. As a result, users could not access remote desktop services or apps.
  • Problems with the automatic registration in connection with the ” Unattend.xml ” have been fixed.
  • Face recognition login after upgrading to Windows 10 RS2 did not work correctly.
  • After upgrading to Windows 10 RS2, the modem dial-up function fails with error code 633.
  • Problems with the Smarcard service (sccardsvr.exe) have been fixed.
  • With remote desktop connections to a Windows 2016 RDS server, authentication using smart cards can fail.
  • Interface problems with  Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Device Management (DM).
  • Memory losses in the camera platform (MIPI and USB cameras) can occur.
  • Problems with the print spooler have been fixed.
  • The cursor does not keep the arrow shape when the user moves over a selection option in Internet Explorer.
  • Various problems in Internet Explorer have been fixed (iFrames, empty column headers, Onhashchange event, NewWindow3 event).
  • Improve Bluetooth connectivity to portable devices.
  • Memory leaks could occur when calling BluetoothGATTRegisterEvent () and BluetoothGATTUnregisterEvent () functions for an NFC card reader.
  • IE11 no longer loads certain HTML pages after installing update KB3021952 .
  • Windows Phone data loss (email, contact, SMS, etc.) was caused by Unistore database corruption.
  • Guest VMs can lose network connectivity to wireless NICs if the guest VM does not send an ARP packet (Address Resolution Protocol) within the 5 minute timeout.
  • NVIDIA driver problems that stop working due to error 0x9f.

You can download the updates  KB4022716 directly here below:

– 2017-06 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1703 for x64-based Systems (KB4022716)
– 2017-06 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1703 for x86-based Systems (KB4022716)