Error 0x800704c7 during Windows update

The Windows Update error code 0x800704c7 unfortunately occurs very often. We have shown you below an original error image of update error 0x800704c7 . This error code occurred while installing a cumulative Windows 10 for Windows 1607 Anniversary .

Error 0x800704c7 Windows Update

There are 2 ways to work around error code 0x800704c7 .

Windows troubleshooting

First you go to the Windows Troubleshooter . This works by your on the taskbar, the word ” Troubleshooting eingebt”. Then the relevant control panel window is opened. In the lower area there is the point ” Troubleshoot Windows “.

Troubleshoot computer problems and fix computer problems with Windows updates

Let this Windows Troubleshooter go through. If Windows finds problems, they are automatically eliminated. After completing the update troubleshooting, you should definitely restart your Windows PC and try the installation of the missing Windows updates again.

Now the error code 0x800704c7 should no longer appear. If so, please try the following solution.

Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) tool

First you have to start an MS-DOS command prompt that has admin rights. This works in Windows 10 by simply typing ” CMD ” in the search bar. Then right- click on ” Command Prompt ” and select “Run as administrator “.

The following commands must now be issued in sequence.

dism.exe / online / cleanup-image / scanhealth

dism.exe / online / cleanup-image / restorehealth

With the DISM tool (tool for image management for the provision) all necessary Windows components are checked for correctness and any missing components are subsequently installed. It is important that Windows requires an existing Internet connection, since certain content is sometimes reloaded from the Internet.

Even after this action, you should reboot the PC and check the import of the Windows updates again. In our experience, error 0x800704c7 will no longer occur.

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