KB3201845 Windows Update problems


Apparently there are problems with the installation of the new Windows 10 update KB3201845 for Windows 10 1607 Anniversary . Numerous Windows 10 users complain about various problems with the Windows 10 update.

The problems are expressed in such a way that there are problems with Internet access after the update  . The update  KB3201845 is a cumulative update for Windows 10 and includes changes to the DHCP client .

These changes also seem to cause the problems, because the Windows 10 clients do not pull the correct DHCP address from their Internet router and therefore cannot connect to the Internet.

Currently, the only solution is to enter a local fixed IP address and set the Internet router as a gateway , then the Internet access should work again. A Microsoft hotfix is not yet available.

The update KB3201845 otherwise includes the following changes and adjustments:

  • The KB3201845 update improves the reliability of Mobile Device Management (MDM), (DCOM = Distributed Component Object Model ) and Peripheral Component Interface PowerShell .
  • Battery problems when using the Chinese input method editor and with Windows Hello .
  • Eliminates problems with OLE drag and drop of SharePoint documents.
  • Resolves problems with formatting super floppy disks .
  • Resolves problems with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) client installation.
  • Problems with the Hyper-V are eliminated.
  • Problems with the DIR and NET USE commands on released CD or DVD drives have been fixed.
  • Further problems with the directory cache , in Windows Explorer with login information and with the application compatibility of Internet Explorer have been resolved by the update KB3201845  .

The update  KB3201845 has a size of almost 500MB in the 32-bit version, and a size of almost 940MB in the 64-bit version.


You can download the update KB3201845 here below:

– Cumulative update for Windows 10 version 1607 x64 (KB3201845)
– Cumulative update for Windows 10 version 1607 x86 (KB3201845)

Annotation dated 13.12.2016: Microsoft today released the update KB3206632 , which among other things should solve the described DHCP problems of the Windows clients.