Insert emojis with a keyboard shortcut on Windows 10

Emojis have become an integral part of email and chat communication like WhatsApp or other messengers . Even with Windows 10 emoji are available and can be inserted in any input field. We already reported about it in our article ” Using emojis in Windows 10 “.

But it is even easier to insert emoji on Windows 10 . This relatively unknown key combination immediately shows you a selection field with numerous emoji symbols . To get to this emoji selection list, you just have to press the following key combination.

Windows key + dot

Immediately after pressing the Emoji key combination Windows key + “dot” , the following Emoji window appears .

Emoji Windows 10

As you can see, there is an extensive collection of emoji symbols to choose from. Similar to Whatsapp, the individual emoji icons are divided into different areas. The following emoji selection areas are available to you.

  • Last used
  • Smiley faces and animals
  • People
  • Celebrations and objects
  • Food and plants
  • Transport and places
  • Symbols

In total there are about 290 emojis available for you to choose from in the 7 different emoji categories .

The key combination (Windows key & “.”) Works in all Windows application programs that allow text input. Regardless of whether it works in Outlook , Word or Excel , you can use this emoji key combination to quickly and easily insert suitable emoji icons into your text .

Emojis in Outlook

If you want to close the Emoji selection window again, just click on the ” x ” at the top right or you can close the Emoji window immediately by pressing the ESC key .

If you should not find the desired emoji symbol straight away, you can simply click on the ” magnifying glass ” at the bottom left and then simply enter the desired search term. Then you will only be shown the emojis that match.

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