How to unlock your Samsung phone for free

Unless you have purchased a Samsung mobile phone that was specifically described as unlocked, your phone is likely locked, which means it is tied to a specific carrier’s cell service. To use that phone with another company, you need to unlock it. You can ask your current service provider to unlock the phone for you. Assuming you don’t have a contract or have paid an early termination fee and paid for the phone itself, your provider can unlock it in store or unlock it remotely. If your provider does not unlock your phone for some reason, you can try to unlock it yourself using one of the free unlocking services available on the Internet.

Free Samsung Unlock Codes and Software

Listed below are unlock code services and software programs designed to help you unlock your Samsung phone.

Although this information is written specifically about Samsung phones, it may also apply to other Android phones, such as Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, etc.

You will need to know the model number of your Samsung phone for most of these unlocking tools. It is usually located behind the battery, so you will have to remove the battery in order to see it.

  • WorldUnlock Code Calculator: This small Windows software program generates unlock codes for many of the major cell phones from major manufacturers, including Samsung. After downloading and entering your phone details, including model, manufacturer, location, and IMEI number, the unlock code calculator generates a code. The code must be entered while the phone does not have the SIM card installed.
  • UnlockSamsungOnline: There are very detailed instructions on this site that explain how to unlock your Samsung phone using a program called SRS.
  • Free SIM Card Unlock Samsung Online is an online service that generates a code that you use to unlock your Samsung phone.
  • Universal Simlock Remover: This third-party software is designed to unlock a variety of mobile phones, including Samsung phones.
  • FreeUnlocks: You can pay for the unlock from this website or get it for free through TrialPay.

Be careful when unlocking

Unlocking your phone yourself can be a risky business because doing so can void any warranties you have, and the process can irreparably damage your phone. However, in most countries, including the United States, it is completely legal.

Many people are interested in unlocking their mobile phones. If it works, unlocking your phone gives you more freedom in how and where to use it. You may be able to make cheaper calls, install new software, and do more with your phone. However, after unlocking the phone, it may not work with all providers. Technologies differ between cellular service providers, and your phone technology must be compatible with the carrier you plan to use.

Even when the phone works with another provider, some of the functions may not work as before.

Carrier compatibility

The two network standards in the United States are Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). There are some hybrid GSM / CMDA phones available, and it appears that most carriers will switch to GSM. GSM phones have SIM card slots, and Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a GSM standard. Any phone or tablet with LTE must have a SIM card slot.

The moral of this story is that compatibility matters. Contact any mobile phone provider you are considering before unlocking your phone to make sure your phone will be compatible with the company’s service after unlocking.

Alternatives to free unlock codes for your smartphone

Buying an unlocked phone is a safer, but more expensive, alternative to unlocking it yourself.

You can also buy unlocking software that might work when free software doesn’t, but be sure to research it thoroughly so you don’t waste your money. Some services to check:

  • UnlockBase claims to have unlock codes for over 3,000 Samsung smartphone models. They are not free, but you cannot beat the selection.
  • The dr.fone Toolkit is a paid service that offers a free trial that may help you.
  • covers a wide range of Samsung model unlock codes.

You can also try the web-based unlocking tool at as a substitute for a software-based solution. Give the site some details about your phone, and it will email you the appropriate unlock code. Although it is not free, it has a high success rate in unlocking Samsung smartphones.