ANW: it has never been so easy to operate a JAVA Hosting on your website

It is known that Java is one of the languages ​​most used by programmers in application development. Java covers a wide range of solutions that go from videogames, through cybersecurity and, of course, web applications. Hence the importance of having a good partner in matters of JAVA Hosting .

If NASA itself relies on Java for its organization, it stands to reason that you’d be interested in Java as a web developer or digital manager for your business. However, the first thing you should think about so that your website is truly responsive and adapts to these applications is the JAVA Hosting service .

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ANW: more than 20 years specialized in JAVA Hosting

There are many agents that you can find on the internet, although we stop at ANW experts, an entity highly specialized in JAVA Hosting with a history of more than 20 years (operating since 2001). Thanks to them, you will have a Java server in record time for a very cheap price.

You will have a team of technicians to be able to advise you on any matter related to Java hosting and a platform to be able to deploy applications based on this famous programming language. Additionally, you will have a totally private server to host the applications.

And all in a matter of seconds thanks to the ease of use of its AppManager© panel from which you can install the applications and the version of the JDK that these applications require.

Different plans for every need

The starting price of the ANW plans is 6.90 euros per month for the standard version of JAVA Hosting. This includes a free domain, data traffic of up to 500 GB per month, 50 email accounts and 4 GB of MySQL databases (free software widely used in WordPress, PhpBB, MediaWikio Drupal.

For 14.90 euros per month, the data traffic becomes unlimited and the disk capacity is 30 GB. We also went from 50 to 100 email accounts and 100 MySQL databases.

The Plus+ option is priced at 24.90 euros per month and the offer consists of 50 GB of disk space, 200 email accounts and 15 unlimited databases, while maintaining unlimited data traffic.

All ANW options and its Java hosting portfolio have an SSL security certificate and technical support in Spanish, so that we do not have any problems when deploying our applications. In addition, ANW applies a refund guarantee for all plans whereby the service can be canceled in the first 30 days without any penalty.

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What if we want to deploy applications from other languages?

Beyond the above, it should be noted that although it is a JAVA Hosting, the ANW solution supports more languages. All mentioned plans include support for PHP, Node.JS and Javascript.

Making room for other applications is extremely easy and can also be done from the appManager© Control Panel. Here you will have the option to configure the mapping of the web server so that the JAVA applications are deployed directly in the root of the domain ( or in a specific directory ( /).

This allows you to host both Java applications and others developed in the other languages ​​that we have just mentioned in the same domain (for example, you can host Web environments that include the Front-End developed in one programming language and the Back-End in another).

The most important thing of all is enough that you have a basic notion about JAVA, JAVA Hosting and web development in general because customer service is the basis of the success of this organization in its two decades of history, as revealed by clients of this company.

The technicians and the contents that they have published serve as a perfect guide to having a website that, in addition to flying, does not have a single problem to work with JAVA applications, the most popular in the wide world of web development.

All needs covered for your corporate website. Head over to ANW and take a look at the entire offer. It will surprise you…