Group files by date, size, name, type or other file characteristics in Explorer

We have already reported on the numerous options and functions of Windows Explorer several times. Also today we would like to go into a very helpful function explorer function that is


is called. With this “group” function you have the possibility to arrange or group files in the folders according to certain characteristics . We show you how this can look in the following illustration.

As you can see, all files in the ” Downloads ” folder are grouped by size . Windows Explorer differentiates between different file sizes such as

  • Very large (1-4 GB)
  • Large (128 MB -1 GB)
  • Medium (1 – 128 MB)
  • Small (16 KB – 1 MB)
  • Very small (0 – 16 KB)
  • Empty

This grouping function of Windows Explorer is a wonderful thing to make the file display a bit more structured .

Enable or disable Explorer grouping

To activate this file grouping, you call the function in the Explorer menu


and then the button

Group by

on. We have also shown this to you below.

Group by - Windows Explorer

As you can see, here you have the possibility to group the files in the folder according to the following criteria .

  • Filename
  • date
  • Type
  • size
  • Markings
  • Creation date
  • Modification date
  • Dimensions
  • rating
  • (No)

The selection point ” (None) ” means that you can remove or remove any existing Explorer grouping . With ” Ascending ” and ” Descending ” you can then specify the sorting of the files.

Via the item ” Select columns … ” you can select numerous other file details that should be displayed for each file in addition to the standard file information in Windows Explorer. You can also specify the order of the selected columns there.

Overall, the grouping function of Windows Explorer is a very helpful function. If you are interested in other useful features of Windows Explorer , we recommend the following articles.

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