With the right Microsoft hardware and software to the goal

Mouse control under Windows

Luckily, the gaming fan only needs a powerful computer and corresponding game software and you’re ready to go. Of course, the whole thing is much more fun with a decent graphics card, because the games are also becoming more and more sophisticated graphically, and the data volume that the PC has to process within the shortest possible time increases. The demands placed on the devices are therefore becoming ever higher. For playing to be fun, all components must fit together and work effectively with one another. This also includes the small, inconspicuous parts.

No navigation without a mouse!

It is often taken for granted and therefore hardly perceived consciously, and yet it is an important part of the hardware: We are talking about the mouse! Without this small but ingenious device, functioning communication with our PC would hardly be possible. The gamer usually only recognizes the value of the mouse when it is defective and no longer works properly. Only4gamers.de has put together what needs to be done in this article. As explained, there are many reasons for the mouse not to work. Who knows how to get his mouse up and running will have more fun playing. In addition to a smooth function, the design of the mouse also influences the experience when playing. Special gaming mice are particularly responsive. They work very precisely and have an exact surface scan. It is thus possible for the player to make a move quickly with only slight hand movements. The speed of the mouse can be perfectly adjusted with just a few clicks and it is possible to create a suitable user profile.

The function of the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center

The Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center is software. This provides the drivers for the majority of the Microsoft mice and keyboards. Thanks to this software, it is possible to configure and set up the keyboards and mice within the same program. This is a big step forward. In the past, Microsoft’s keyboards and mice were controlled by the two separate programs, IntelliType and IntelliPoint. The new mouse and keyboard center now serves both types of devices simultaneously. There are both 32 and 64 bit versions of the software. It is easily possible to integrate the program into the “Modern Ul” interface from the Windows 8 version. After starting the installation, the software automatically recognizes the keyboards and mice compatible with the system, insofar as they are connected to the computer. The program is able to reassign the keys and has additional functions. The Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center is generally compatible with USB devices with more recent production dates. Bluetooth, PS / 2 and USB devices from older series are often not supported. These are neither automatically recognized nor configured. These older components continue to run with the two versions, IntelliPoint and IntelliType Pro. The Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center is also not compatible with the Microsoft operating system Windows 7 released in October 2009, the Windows Vista introduced in 2007 and the previous model Windows XP. In any case, it is always worth keeping the gaming PC up to date and using the latest possible version of the Windows operating system. For example, Microsoft announced that support for Windows Phone 8.x and Windows Phone 8.x apps would end in July 2019. Since then, an update is no longer possible. The updates are then only available to devices with the current Windows 10 version. However, app updates for Windows 8.x are still planned until July 2023.