Error code 80244004 during Windows update

The error code 80244004 occurs very frequently in the Windows Update process on. This error message 80244004 is an “unknown” update error , which can have various causes. Today we would like to show you various possible solutions how you can fix this Windows Update error.

Here is the original error message of code 80244004 .

Unfortunately, as so often, the error message is not particularly meaningful, so you should try the following:

ESET virus scanner

The virus scanner from ESET is mentioned particularly frequently in connection with this update error. Apparently there are problems when SSL scanning is activated in the ESET options. Eset itself has published its own support article that describes the error and how to correct it. You can find the entry under “Windows update ends with” error 80244004 “when SSL scanning is enabled in ESET Smart Security and ESET NOD32 Antivirus”.

Of course, the virus scanners from other manufacturers can also be the cause of this problem, because SSL scanning or SSL inspection can now be done by some security manufacturers. You should check the security software you are using and briefly deactivate this SSL option so that the Windows updates can be installed again without any problems. If your virus software does not offer the deactivation of SSL inspection, you should temporarily deactivate the entire antivirus software for the update process.

Windows Update Services

Another Egyptian mistake is that one of the two necessary Windows Update services has not started. You can check this using the “Services.msc” utility. There are the services

BITS (Intelligent Background
Transfer Service ) WUAUSERV (Windows Update)

Below we have shown you both services together.

Both services must be ” started ” and thus set to ” is running “. If this is not the case, please start these services. Then you perform the Windows update function again and check whether the update  error 80244004 occurs again.

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