Error 0x80070718 – Not enough quotas available to process this command

Again and again, users report on the error code 0x80070718 , which can occur with a wide variety of file actions. We have shown you below an example of such an error message from Error 0x80070718  , which occurred when saving a file in Microsoft.

Error 0x80070718 - Not enough quotas available to process this command

The exact error message is:

You cannot copy the file due to an unexpected error. If the error persists, you can use the error code in Help to find this problem.
Error: 0x80070718: Not enough quotas available to process this command.

The reason for this quota errors are the Windows offline files that were probably enabled on your system. You can check this by first opening the Windows Control Panel and then selecting the following options.

Sync Center

Then you will find the point at the bottom left

Manage offline files

We have also shown this to you below.

Sync Center Manage Offline Files

In the subsequently appearing window ” Offline Files ” You please choose the tab ” disk usage “.

As you can see, the area for the offline files is completely occupied and this results in the odds error code 0x80070718 .

To eliminate the error 0x80070718 you can either completely deactivate the offline files using the ” General ” tab or you can increase the limit for the offline files using the ” Change limits ” button . In our example, almost 23% of the data medium is reserved for storing the offline files , which is just under 110GB.

By making more space available for the offline files, the error 0x80070718 then no longer occurs.

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