Enable or disable mouse shadow in Windows

As a rule, we do not worry about the representation of the mouse pointer . In the Windows standard setting, this is simply shown as a small arrow that has a simple frame without any shadow representations .

Microsoft has built in a way to activate this shadow representation of the mouse and thereby give the mouse a little more depth . This activation of the mouse shadow is simply cursor appearance improved. Unfortunately, this mouse shadow is deactivated by default in all Windows versions and we would like to show you here in this short mouse tutorial how you can activate the Windows mouse shadow .

To do this, first call after pressing the Windows key combination

the program


on. This is the program for setting the Windows system properties. Here you change to the tab


and then you choose the option

Settings (performance)

Then you will be offered numerous options for visual effects of Windows , as you can see in the figure below.

Show mouse shadow

As I said, the option is

Show mouse shadow

disabled by default. If you activate this visual effect of the mouse display , the appearance of the Windows mouse pointer changes after confirming ” Apply “. We have shown you an enlarged mouse pointer as an example , in which the shadow around the mouse pointer is very clearly visible.

Overall, this option is very useful to improve the visibility of the mouse. You should check whether this mouse display with shadow is also a useful setting for your Windows installation.

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