Activate expand folder in Windows Explorer

A pretty unknown feature in Windows Explorer is the option

Expand to open folders

With this option you have the option, as you can see in the following illustration of Windows Explorer, that in front of the folder name

Bigger characters

is pictured. With this arrow in front of each folder you have the option of expanding the ” Windows FAQ ” folder and then seeing the subfolders contained in the folder structure of Windows Explorer.

Expand folders in Windows Explorer

With this activated option, navigation through the folder structure is easier and you save yourself double-clicking on the folder name in the left folder list.

To activate this extension of the folder in Windows Explorer, you first have to go to Windows Explorer

Folder options

go. To do this, first click on the item in the Explorer menu bar


and then right to the point


Then you call the rider


on, as you can see on the explorer picture below.

Expand to open folder Windows Explorer

Here is the function almost at the bottom of the Explorer options

Expand to open folders

If you activate this option and then confirm the settings with ” OK ” or ” Apply “, you will immediately see the extension arrows in front of the folder names in Windows Explorer.

For Windows users who work a lot with Windows Explorer every day, this folder extension is a very pleasant function that you should definitely activate. If you know of other useful Windows Explorer settings that we have not yet presented here on, we would be happy to receive a corresponding comment at the end of this article.

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