Enable for Adobe Flash – Flash doesn’t work in Edge Browser

There are generally fewer and fewer websites with Adobe Flash , because due to the permanent security problems, the Adobe Flash Player has been badly discredited in recent years and is increasingly being replaced by HTML5 pages . Nevertheless, all current browsers, including the Microsoft Edge browser, support the Adobe Flash standard.

Nevertheless, many Windows 10 users have the problem that the Flash content is not displayed on the websites. You will then receive the message

Enable for Adobe Flash

The message “ Activate for Adobe Flash ” informs the user that Adobe Flash is not activated in the Edge Browser. By default, the Edge Browser is already equipped with the ability to play Adobe Flash animations . No further software installation is necessary for this. Adobe also points out this on the Flash Player page and the following message:

Flash Player is integrated in Windows 10 with Microsoft Edge. You don't need to install Flash Player.

The exact message is:

Flash Player is integrated in Windows 10 with Microsoft Edge. You don’t need to install Flash Player.

Activate Flash Player in Edge

To activate the Adobe Flash Player in the Edge , you have to do the following:

Click on the 3 dots at the top right , as you can see below.

Edge settings

Then you have to go to ” Settings ” and then “Show advanced settings “. Then the decisive option becomes visible, as you can see in the following illustration.

Use Adobe Flash Player

The option is called:

Use Adobe Flash Player

You only have to set this slider to ” On ” and the web pages based on the Flash Player or containing Flash content will now be displayed correctly and correctly again. In the same way, you can of course, also for security reasons, deactivate the Flash Player in the Edge Browser .

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