Enable Firefox Dark Theme (Dark Mode)

We have reported on the display of Windows programs in so-called “ dark mode ” several times in the past few months. Also in the Firefox the “Dark Mode” has arrived and we want you here show in this tutorial Firefox as your very fast and easy to Firefox browser in the Dark mode switch can.

To do this, first call the menu from the Firefox browser via

on. Then you choose


as you can see from the Firefox image below. You can also simply press the key combination CTRL + SHIFT + A.

Firefox settings add-ons

You will then find yourself in the ” Customize Firefox ” area. Here is the area on the left


to select.

Firefox themes

Then you will be offered various themes for Firefox . 3 themes are included in Firefox by default and do not have to be downloaded separately.

You can choose between the following displays in Firefox.

  • Standard (standard setting)
  • Bright
  • Dark (dark theme, dark mode)
  • Swirlie Colors (theme needs to be installed)
  • Chrystalize  (theme needs to be installed)
  • Evening at the Carnival  (theme needs to be installed)

In our case we choose the theme ” Dark ” and thus the Firefox Dark Mode . Finally, you have to here



Now the Firefox Dark Theme is already activated and the corresponding areas in the Firefox browser are now displayed in a dark representation.

As you can see, the Firefox window, the URL line and the Firefox menu are displayed in dark mode . However, the websites are displayed unchanged. The darkening of the websites is also possible with special Firefox add-ons .

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