Easily reduce the file size of pictures and photos under Windows

In practice, the file sizes of the images , which are taken with a smartphone, for example, are usually several megabytes in size. As a rule, these images are available as JPG files . However, if you want to publish pictures online on the Internet, you should make sure that the file size of the pictures is as small as possible. We would like to show you below how you can use the free graphics program


Compress images very easily . We want to show you this using an example. As a starting picture we chose the following picture, which has a file size of 839KB in the displayed resolution .

Wallpaper large

This file size is far too large for us and we would like to reduce the file size to less than 100KB. To do this, we open the file with the ” Irfanview ” tool and then go to the point

File / Save As

We have completely illustrated the process here below.

Reduce pictures with IRFANVIEW

In order to compress this JPG (JPEG) image , you now need the


move to the left towards ” low quality “. The lower the number that is above the slider, the greater the image compression and the smaller the file size . Of course, it also comes at the expense of image quality.

However, good experience values are values between 30 and 50 . In our example, we specified 50 as the compression value, which gives us excellent results. Then you should enter another file name and then on

to save

click. Then the file is saved in compressed format. As a result, the compressed JPG image looks like this.

Wallpaper small

As you can see, there is almost no difference between the two images, but the file size has decreased from 839KB to 94KB , as you can see below.

File sizes after reducing the images

This makes it relatively easy to downsize a file without any major loss of quality .

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