Error code 0x80246001 during Windows update

Again and again, users report to us about the error code 0x80246001 during the Windows update. This error 0x80246001 occurs on all Microsoft operating systems, it is not a specific Windows 10 error code.

Below we have shown you the original error message from error  0x80246001 of a user.

Error code 0x80246001

The error code 0x80246001 is called ” WU_E_DM_URLNOTAVAILABLE ” and it indicates a problem when downloading the Windows updates. For this reason, you should try the following to eliminate the error 0x80246001.

Clean up Windows Update component store

First you should clean up the Windows Update component store , in which all Windows updates are downloaded and stored. This component store is actually just a directory in the Windows system folder and bears the name

Software distribution

Although this folder contains numerous subfolders, it can easily be deleted or renamed. As soon as Windows detects that this folder no longer exists, it creates the folder and all necessary subdirectories. Since Windows no longer finds any update files there, it downloads all components of the missing Windows updates and stores them in this directory.

So you can be sure that the update problems and the error code 0x80246001 are not caused by old and uncleaned update files. The easiest way to delete the Windows Update component store is in a command prompt, which you must start as an administrator. Then you issue the following commands in order.

net stop wuauserv
net stop cryptsvc
net stop bits
net stop msiserver
ren c: windows softwaredistribution softwaredistribution.old
net start msiserver
net start bits
net start cryptsvc
net start wuauserv

These commands first stop all Windows Update background services . Then the software distribution directory is renamed and then all services are started again in reverse order. Then you should run Windows Update again and check whether Windows Update error 0x80246001 continues to occur.

Download and install Windows Update manually

If problems persist, we would recommend downloading the missing Windows Update directly from the Windows Update Catalog and performing the installation manually. Please note that you are using the correct update for your Windows version (x86 or x64 update files).

Briefly deactivate the virus scanner

Another reason for the update error 0x80246001 can be the installed virus scanner. If you use a virus scanner other than Windows Defender, you should deactivate the installed virus scanner for the period of the Windows Update installation. Virus scanners from third-party manufacturers are often the cause of Windows Update error messages, including error code 0x80246001 .

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