Download settings and upload limit for Windows updates for Fall Creators Update

With the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update , Microsoft has finally responded and integrated some new options for the settings of the Windows updates into the upgrade. So far, there was a problem in networks that the clients pulled the Windows updates completely uncontrollably and thus occupied the entire Internet bandwidth .

This made it practically impossible to work properly over the Internet , Citrix or VPN connections . The effort to limit this was relatively high. Now apparently has responded to pressure from the many complaints and introduced the following Windows Update restrictions in the Fall Creators Update .

The settings that we will show you below can be found in the following way

Windows key + “I” / Update and security / Windows Update / Advanced options / Delivery optimization / Advanced options  

Limit Windows Update bandwidth

You can use the first setting point

Limit bandwidth when downloading updates in the background.

Microsoft explains this Windows Update setting option as follows:

The bandwidth available to your device for downloading and uploading Windows and app updates and other Microsoft products is dynamically optimized by default. If you want to keep data usage in blocks, you can also set a specific limit.

Download settings and upper limit for Windows updates for Fall Creators Update

Windows Update upload settings

The same thing that you can now specify for the downloads of the Windows updates is also possible for the upload of the Windows updates. However, you can set 2 options here.

  • Limit bandwidth when uploading updates to other PCs on the Internet.
  • Monthly upload limit

The maximum value for Windows Updates Uploads is 500GB , so the Fall Creators Update is also set by default. You can now adjust these settings individually according to your wishes.

Attention: As soon as the set Windows Update upload limit is reached, the Windows client no longer uploads data to other PCs on the Internet.

In addition to the upload limit , the currently used upload capacity is also displayed in the same window . So you can also check how much bandwidth you have lost and set the value for the Windows Update Uploads optimally.

Graphical representation of the Windows Update Uploads during Fall Creators Update

Overall, apparently quite good update options , which we have not yet been able to test 100%. This will take a little more time, we will report on it again. Also how you can activate or set these settings via group policies or the registry .

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