Do not display window contents when moving Windows windows

By default, every Windows installation is set so that the window content of a window to be moved is displayed during the moving process. In certain circumstances, however, it may be desirable to deactivate this function and set Windows so that only the frame is visible when a window is moved .

In the following video we have shown you what it looks like when the window content is shown when moving and once when the window content is not displayed.

You can change this window setting in the Windows Tool


changed. After calling the “System properties” tool, you then switch to the area


and then you go to the following section in the section “ Performance (visual effects, processor scheduling, memory usage and virtual memory).


Show window content while dragging

Now you will find the decisive option in the ” Visual Effects ” area in the user-defined settings

Show window content while dragging

This option is activated by default. If you now deactivate them and confirm these changes with “OK”, the window contents will no longer be displayed when you move the windows.

Deactivate window contents via registry

You can also achieve the same if you make adjustments to the registry. You will find the necessary settings for this in the area

\ HKEY_CURRENT_USER Control Panel Desktop


Here is the value


which is set to ” 1 ” by default . The value “1” means that the window content is displayed when moving . If you set it to a “0” (ZERO) , the window content is not displayed when moving . However, this change only becomes active after restarting the Windows PC.

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