Disable thumbnail cache clearing on Windows 10

You probably know the function that Windows 10 Explorer shows small preview images of image and video files from each file . This preview is also called ” thumbnail “, which in German ” thumbnail ” means.

So that Windows 10 can display the preview of these files very quickly, the thumbnails created once are saved in so-called “thumbnail.db” cache files . As a result, Windows 10 does not have to generate thumbnails from an already known file each time, but reloads this information faster from these ” thumbnail.db ” files.

A negative effect is, of course, that it uses up a little space. However, this should not play a major role, because the thumbnail cache files simply speed up the preview display of Windows Explorer significantly.

If you still want to see how much space is occupied by the thumbnail cache files , you should look at the following directory.

C: Users % USERNAME% AppData Loca Microsoft Windows Explorer

Below you can see an example of one of our PCs.

Explorer Thumbnail.db

Windows 10 automatically deletes the Thumbnail.db files

As of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Version 1709 , Microsoft has introduced a new function that always deletes these files when it is restarted. The deletion of the thumbnail files is carried out by a Windows maintenance function, which is controlled via the Windows task scheduler.

You can take a look at the Windows Cleanup Job by starting the Windows Task Scheduler and switching to the following area.

Task Scheduler (Local) / Task Scheduler Library / Microsoft / Windows / DiskCleanup

Then there is the job, which is called as follows:


Below you can see the job in Windows 10 task planning.


Microsoft gives the following information about the standard cleanup job.

Maintenance task used by the system to start an unattended automatic disk cleanup as soon as the free space runs out.

In addition to the Windows Explorer Thumbnail.db files , this job also removes files from the% Temp% folder, temporary Internet files and old Windows driver versions.

Deactivate deletion of the thumbnails

You can easily prevent the automatic deletion of these Explorer thumbnail views by adjusting the registry accordingly. To do this, you have to switch to the following registry branch after calling the Windows registry editor “regedit”.

Computer HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Explorer VolumeCaches Thumbnail Cache

Below you can see the image of the corresponding registry.

Registry thumbnail cache

The value already exists in this key


This is set to “1” by default and thus the ” Thumbnail Cache ” is automatically deleted when restarting or shutting down. If you set the value “Autorun” to “0” , you deactivate the deletion of the thumbnail files.

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