Determine the size of the mailbox or individual folders in Outlook

Most users work as an email program with Microsoft Outlook. Outlook has established itself as a standard e-mail program for years and is constantly being improved by Microsoft with every new version and equipped with new functions. Outlook 365 and Outlook 2016 are currently in use, however the release of Outlook 2019 is imminent. However, the following instructions apply to all previous Outlook versions, because nothing has changed in their handling.

Users who do not want their PST file to become too large or who are limited by the administrator’s maximum size for the e-mail mailbox can use the following brief instructions to determine the mailbox size of their Outlook mailbox or just the size of individual folders in Outlook .

To do this, simply click with the ” right mouse button ” on the folder or on the top entry in the Outlook bar on the left margin.

Then the Outlook context menu is visible, in which you the lowest point

Data file properties …

selects. Then another Outlook window appears, which looks like this.

Folder size in Outlook

In our example, we selected the ” Inbox ” folder and wanted to know the size of the Outlook folder including the subfolders . To do this, you have to open this window

Folder size…

clicked and then Outlook starts to go through the folder including all subfolders and list the sizes of the folders. This includes the folder size and the total size of the folder including all subfolders.

In this way, you can get a quick and easy overview of the space used in Outlook .

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