Deactivate Windows Explorer quick access and switch to “This PC”

Many Windows 10 users complain about the default setting of Windows Explorer . Because after starting Windows 10 Explorer, the view automatically

Quick access

active. This means that initially only an overview of the most frequently used folders and the most recently used files is displayed. In the upper area you will find the most frequently used folders, including the most recently used files.

We have shown you this using an example here below.

Windows Explorer shows quick access

This quick access can certainly be useful and useful under certain circumstances. As a rule, however, the display of the existing drives and partition makes more sense.

So that you can switch this Explorer display to the drive display , you first select the item


and subsequently



Change folder and search options.

Change Windows Explorer folder and search options

The Explorer folder options window will open . This usually looks like this.

Open File Explorer for

Right in the ” General ” tab you will find the necessary Explorer view option with the name

Open File Explorer for

By default, this is set to “quick access” and you only need it

This pc

switch, as can be seen in the figure above. After confirming ” Apply ” or ” OK ” and reopening Windows Explorer, the Explorer view then looks like this.

This PC display in Windows Explorer

Now the standard folders (images, desktop, documents, downloads, music, videos, etc.) of your own user profile and the local devices and drives are displayed immediately after opening Windows Explorer . So you can design the view of Windows 10 Explorer according to your needs in a relatively simple way.

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