Create email signature in Outlook

Anyone who writes a lot of e-mails and works with Outlook has certainly already thought about an e-mail signature . The e-mail signature usually contains the contact details of the e-mail author and possibly also a greeting and possibly also a picture . There are no limits to the design of such e-mail signatures and everyone can design it as they want.

In the business environment, however, it is often important that all employees of a company or group use the same email signature  ( corporate identity)  . In this case, the signatures are usually not entered directly into Outlook, but are managed centrally by email signature software on the Exchange Server .

However, in this short Outlook tutorial we would like to show you how you can create, edit and delete your own email signature in Outlook.

To do this, you first call the menu items in Outlook


and subsequently


on. In the ” Outlook Options ” window that appears , the area is


as you can see in the following illustration.

In the area

Create or change signatures for messages

you will then find the ” Signatures … ” button to edit e-mail signatures.

Then another window opens, which looks like this.

Outlook signatures

Here you have the possibility to create one or more email signatures . This has the advantage that you can use different signatures for certain types of email, for example. You can also differentiate which signature is to be attached when writing new emails and which signature is used when replying or forwarding emails.

If you have multiple email accounts, you can also set these settings for each email account.

In the ” Edit signature ” area, there are numerous formatting options available for the signature text. The following options are available to you here.

  • Different fonts
  • Different font sizes
  • Bold, italic, underline
  • Text alignments
  • Integration of a business card in the email signature
  • Insert an image
  • Insert links

With these design options, you can now design your email signature the way you like it best. Of course, you can also edit the signatures at any time and delete them if necessary.

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