Copy backup job at Symantec (Veritas) Backup Exec

The user interface of Symantec or Veritas Backup Exec 2015 is now quite comfortable if you compare it with the old version from a few years ago. Still, I think copying backup jobs works, but it’s a very hidden option . If the backup admin right- clicks on a backup job , the ” Copy ” function appears . But all the program does is that it copies the text of the selected line to the clipboard . A backup job cannot be copied with this function .

Veritas Backup Exec Copy

The actual copying process works by clicking on ” Backup ” in the ” Backup and restore ” area . Then another window appears with the option ” Create new backup with the settings of an existing backup “.

Copy Veritas Backup Exec Job

So far this works perfectly. However, only all settings and options are copied, not the backup source . It has to be selected from scratch.

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