Windows system error 1231 – The network address cannot be reached

Today I was  struggling with Windows 10 system error 1231 . The whole thing happened after I installed the current Windows 10 Build 1511 x64 in German over my previous Windows 10 installation. Otherwise, the Windows 10 system ran flawlessly, only I could no longer access some network shares. As you can see, the following error messages always occurred :

System error 1231 - network address

net use x: \ muchd02 d $
system error 1231 occurred.

The network address cannot be reached. For more information about troubleshooting network problems, see Windows Help .

After some research on the Internet, it was clear that the problem definitely had something to do with the network settings and their drivers . I then displayed the available network components in the device manager of the computer management (including the hidden ones) and ” uninstalled ” them one after the other .

Windows 10 device manager

After that, the Windows 10 system was restarted and the necessary drivers were automatically reinstalled. They were then available again in the Windows device manager and the problem was also resolved. The network connections all worked properly again. However, it is not entirely clear why exactly the error occurred.

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