Control mouse over the numeric keypad in Windows 10

Even if the function is used relatively rarely, mouse control via the numeric keypad makes sense for Windows. With this function you can perform mouse functions with the separate numeric keypad on your keyboard if you have activated the corresponding mouse option in the Windows 10 settings.

The fastest way to do this is to call the Windows 10 settings application with the key combination

Windows key & “I” and then selects the area

Ease of use

and then into the sub-area


switch. We have shown you the options that appear here below.

Control the mouse with a numeric keypad

Here you will find the following option relatively high up.

Activate mouse buttons to use the numeric keypad to move the mouse pointer .

This option must be ” activated ” so that the mouse control via the keys 1-9 works at all. Then you have the following 3 further options available.

  • Use the mouse keys only when the NUM key is activated.
  • Show mouse button icon on the taskbar.
  • Hold down the CTRL key to accelerate and the SHIFT key to slow down.

In total, all 3 options make sense and simplify the handling of the mouse with the 10-key keyboard . You can then set the optimal mouse speeds using the slide switches for ” pointer speed ” and ” pointer acceleration ” .

The following mouse control buttons are then available.

Numbers on the numeric keypad Mouse movement
1 Move the mouse to the bottom left
2nd Move mouse down
3rd Move the mouse to the bottom right
4th Move mouse to the left
5 Mouse click
6 Move mouse to the right
7 Move the mouse to the top left
8th Move mouse up
9 Move the mouse to the top right
+ Mouse double click

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