Change cursor blink rate or blink speed under Windows

Whenever you enter text in Windows, the blinking cursor appears . As a rule, the cursor is simply replaced by a

flashing vertical line

shown. The cursor blinking speed is already set by Microsoft and this will be the most pleasant for most users. But there are reasons to speed up or slow down the blinking speed . There is also a setting option for how you can completely switch off the blinking of the cursor . In total, you see the following 2 options for changing the cursor blink rate.

Adjust cursor blink rate via Windows Control Panel

The easiest way is to enter the search term in the Windows search line

Blink rate

and then changes to the Windows utility

Change cursor blink rate

In the video below we have shown you exactly how this works.

There you can then set the flashing speed from ” Slow ” to ” Fast ” exactly as you wish in the ” Cursor blink rate ” area . To the left of the setting bar you can see a sample cursor blinking , which always shows the set blink rate . So you have the best clue which blinking speed is the best for you.

Set cursor blinking speed via registry

Since there are only 12 preset speeds for the flashing of the cursor in the above solution, you can also make the settings via the registry (regedit.exe). To do this, you first switch to the following registry path.

Computer HKEY_CURRENT_USER Control Panel Desktop

There is already the registry key


which is always set to ” 530 ” in the Windows standard setting .


You can set this value between 0 and 2000 as you want.

  • 0 means that the cursor lights up continuously and stops flashing.
  • 1 means that the cursor flashes fastest.
  • 2000 means that the cursor blinks extremely slowly.

Incidentally, these changes in the registry become active immediately , a restart of the PC or the Explorer is not necessary.

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