Connect network printer in Windows 10

With Windows 10, Microsoft tries to transfer all setting options to the Windows Settings app in order to say goodbye to the somewhat dusty control panel. In the area of printers and network printers, however, Microsoft has not yet progressed so far and still partially uses the old system control elements.

The Windows 10 Settings app was not particularly successful when connecting network printers . If your over the point

Printers & scanners

If you want to add new devices, they appear in the list of available printers, but the information that is displayed for the network printers is very sparse and therefore not usable for the same printer types.

Add printers & scanners

In addition, it is not possible to enter the exact UNC path for the network printer here.

Connect network printer in Windows 10

Therefore you should go a different way. After calling up the Settings app (Windows key + “I”) you switch to the area


and then in

Bluetooth and other devices

There is something hidden here and the dot relatively far down in the window

devices and printer

The settings app is then exited and an old part of the Windows Control Panel is called up. It will automatically switch to the ” Devices and Printers ” view , which you are familiar with from previous Windows versions. Here you can now add the desired printer using the ” Add printer ” button .

Devices and Printers - Add Printers

Then another window opens, which then contains the crucial link.

The printer you want is not in the list.

The printer you want is not in the list

Now the actual printer dialog is displayed, where you can select the approved printers from the list, as you can see below.

Select the shared printer by name

As already written, the path for setting up shared network printers is currently still very cumbersome, but we assume that Microsoft will also transfer this function completely to the Windows 10 Settings app in the upcoming feature updates.

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