Carry out Windows 10 Clean Boot

We have often described the term “ clean boot ” in Windows 10 because clean boot is often very helpful in troubleshooting. With Windows 10 Clean Boot only the absolutely necessary Windows system services are started and everything unnecessary is dispensed with. So you can be sure that no third-party software runs in the background after Windows start and that this may be the cause of errors.

Carry out Windows Clean Boot

To start the clean boot you have to start the program ” msconfig “. Simply the key combination Windows key + “R”

press and the program


call, so we can see you here below.


Then the Windows system configuration is opened. There you will find the point in the first tab ” General

Custom startup

In this area you have to activate or deactivate the following points.

  • Load system services -> ACTIVATE
  • Load system start elements -> DEACTIVATE
  • Use the original start configuration -> NO CHANGE

This then looks like this.

Custom startup

Then you have to switch to the ” Services ” tab and activate the checkmark for the following option.

Hide all Microsoft services

Hide all Microsoft services MSCONFIG

With this checkmark all Windows services that are not from Microsoft disappear. Then you have to deactivate all the remaining services so that they are not loaded when you restart.

Restart Windows

Then the Windows PC has to be restarted and the clean boot is carried out . You can then test whether, for example, you still have problems installing Windows updates. If your problems are then solved, you should not forget to reactivate the deactivated services. Otherwise, certain functions that you need may no longer be available.

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