Call up the command prompt (CMD) and PowerShell quickly as an administrator using a key combination

Anyone who works a lot with the input prompt or the PowerShell under Windows knows that certain functions are simply to be carried out as “administrators” . There are numerous instructions on the Internet how you can start the command prompt in the simplest and fastest way, but very few people know that the command prompt and also the PowerShell console can be executed extremely quickly as an administrator using a key combination .

Start Command Prompt and PowerShell as administrator

The easiest and quickest way is to pin the command prompt  and the PowerShell to the Windows 10 taskbar. As you can see in our example here.

Command Prompt and PowerShell in the system tray

So far, nothing unusual, most people who have worked a lot with the command prompt or with the PowerShell will have this set up. Of course, it is now sufficient to right-click on the PowerShell symbol and select ” Run as administrator “. When prompted, the Shift key must be pressed to the right mouse button so that the corresponding item ” Run as administrator ” appears.

Shortcut Shift + CTRL

But it is even easier, and some of you certainly don’t know that yet. Just press the key combination

CTRL and Shift

(Ctrl + Shift “Uppercase”) and simply left- click on one of the two icons (Command Prompt and PowerShell).

With this key combination, the programs are now started automatically as “Administrator” without having to call up additional menu items in any context menu.

Administrator command prompt

Warning: This does not only apply to these two programs, this also applies to any software. We only showed you this as an example for the command prompt and the PowerShell console. 

Certainly a very useful keyboard shortcut that every experienced Windows user should master.

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