BlueScreen error code 0x00000116 – BSOD 116

Again and again, users report about the BlueScreen error code 0x00000116 , also BSOD 116 for short . Like any blue screen, this error code suddenly appears and shows itself to the Windows 10 user as follows.


In Windows 7 or 8.1, the blue screen looks a bit different, Microsoft has designed the blue screen design in Windows 10 a little differently.

Cause of the BlueScreen error code 0x00000116

We have found that it is usually due to the graphics card driver that is currently used. Perhaps you recently updated the graphics card driver or made settings for the graphics settings. The BSOD 0x00000116 occurs particularly often with overclocked graphics cards . If you have also overclocked your graphics card for performance reasons , you should undo this setting.

You should also check whether driver updates have been carried out by installing Windows updates.

Error 0x00000116 occurs particularly often when using NVidia graphics cards and usually it is driver problems. For this reason, you should first check whether there is a new graphics card driver for your graphics card. You can usually find this driver from the manufacturer of the graphics card.

Switch back to the previous driver

Another option is to switch back to the graphics card driver that was installed last . To do this, you call the Windows device manager

and starts the program


In Windows Device Manager you double-click on the graphics card and then switch to the tab


Previous driver

Here you now have the button

Previous driver

to switch back to the last installed graphics card driver .

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