Blue screen error code STOP: 0x000000F4

Today we would like to report the blue screen error code STOP: 0x000000F4 . This blue screen is widespread and occurs in a wide variety of Windows systems. Below you can see an original error message from Error 0x000000F4 .

0x000000F4 blue screen

To fix the cause of the blue screen you should do the following.

Update hardware drivers

Old, faulty and incompatible hardware drivers are often responsible for the 0x000000F4 stuffing error . For this reason, you should download and install the latest drivers from the manufacturer of your mainboard, graphics card, raid controller, etc.

The drivers for the chipset, AHCI, SATA, USB and graphics drivers are particularly important .

System files checker

If the update of the hardware drivers does not bring the desired success, you should have the Windows system files checked with the command ” sfc / scannow “. All Windows system resources are checked for correctness and any errors are eliminated. This process can take up to 30 minutes, a restart is definitely necessary after the scanning process.

SFC / Scannow

Exclude virus scanner as a source of error

The virus scanners in particular are often responsible for the stop code 0x000000F4 . For this reason, you should temporarily deactivate your virus scanner to check whether it is possibly responsible for the blue screen.

Many users have also reported that reinstalling the latest version of your virus scanner used has finally resolved the problem.

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