BIOS updates for Meltdown & Specter – links of the manufacturers

Manufacturer list and links for BIOS updates against Meltdown and Specter

In the past few days we have reported several times about the acute Meltdown & Specter security vulnerabilities and also showed you how you can quickly and easily check with a few PowerShell commands whether you have been affected by the security vulnerability.

With Windows 7, however, a few additional .Net Framework installations are sometimes necessary so that the Specter & Meltdown verification script can be executed.

In another article we explained in detail that the most important measure is a BIOS update from the motherboard manufacturer . Even the latest Windows updates are useless without the Bios Update.

Manufacturer’s BIOS updates against Meltdown & Specter

That is why we would like to offer you a very extensive list of the BIOS updates from the computer manufacturers below so that you can protect your PC against meltdown and specter as quickly as possible .

Manufacturer Website and link to Meltdown & Specter information
  Acer Acer – Meltdown and Specter security vulnerabilities
  ASRock ASRock latest Bios updates
  ASUS ASUS Update on Speculative Execution and Indirect Branch Prediction Side Channel Analysis Method

Microprocessor side-channel vulnerabilities (CVE-2017-5715, CVE-2017-5753, CVE-2017-5754): Impact on Dell products

  Fujitsu CPU hardware vulnerable to side-channel attacks (CVE-2017-5715, CVE-2017-5753, CVE-2017-5754)
  GigaByte BIOS update for Side Channel Analysis Security issue Mitigations
  Huawei Security Notice – Statement on the Media Disclosure of the Security Vulnerabilities in the Intel CPU Architecture Design
  Intel Intel-SA-00088 for Intel® NUC, Intel® Compute Stick, and Intel® Compute Card
  Lenovo Reading Privileged Memory with a Side Channel
  Panasonic Security information of vulnerability by Speculative Execution and Indirect Branch Prediction Side Channel Analysis Method
 Microsoft (Surface) Surface guidance to protect against speculative execution side-channel vulnerabilities
  MSI MSI pushes out motherboard BIOS updates to tackle recent security vulnerabilities
  Toshiba Intel, AMD & Microsoft Speculative Execution and Indirect Branch Prediction Side Channel Analysis Method Security Vulnerabilities
 Vaio (Sony) Side channel analysis

Under the corresponding links you will find the appropriate BIOS updates for the current computer systems . Unfortunately, the PC manufacturers are currently going the way that initially they only publish the newer PC systems with the BIOS updates against Meltdown & Specter and that they still neglect the old PCs.

Thus there are currently no bios updates for many old PCs that are older than 3-4 years. It is currently questionable whether the manufacturers will still publish them . This means that owners of old PCs only have the option of permanently getting information from the manufacturers as to whether a Meltdown & Specter BIOS update is still available for their PC system . All in all a very unsatisfactory situation, because it cannot be required that everyone now buys new PCs so that they offer appropriate protection against Meltdown & Specter .

Should you know any other links to computer manufacturers or motherboard manufacturers that we have forgotten here, please leave a comment here at the end of this article.